United 874K Coalition

Established in 2001, this coalition seeks to bring together and strengthen the voices of the growing number of Kentuckians (874,000 plus) who are identified as having a disability that interferes with activities of daily living. The 874K Disabilities Coalition is comprised of organizations representing individuals with disabilities, their family members, advocates, providers and concerned citizens. The advocacy events sponsored by 874K are held in Frankfort during the legislative session with the goal of giving individuals affected by disabilities the opportunity to meet the Governor and key Cabinet officials, their state legislators and staff, and the media. Typical attendance is between 700 and 1,200 individuals from all parts of Kentucky.  Sponsorship opportunities for these advocacy events are offered to organizations wishing to contribute to support 874Ks mission and vision for full inclusion of all individuals with disabilities.

Please visit our Events 2013 page to view information about this year's advocacy day.



Past Event Programs

January 31, 2012 Program

February 29, 2012 Program

March 20, 2012 Program

To see photos from the 2012 United 874K Coalition

Advocacy Event

Click here to see photos taken by Riggs Williams.

Click here to see photos taken by Fr. Pat Delahanty. 





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