Kentucky Medicaid Consortium

This group was initially begun in 2000 to respond to federal threats to significantly cut funding from the federal level to state Medicaid programs.  As initially organized, the Consortium worked on both federal and state funding issues, as well as focusing on the need for improved access to quality services.  Out of the Consortium meetings grew a coalition with particular emphasis on assuring Kentucky’s children access to healthcare services through KCHIP, and a coalition with particular focus on long-term care issues.  After a period of relative inactivity, the Consortium was reorganized and renewed in 2005, in response to the initiative of the Fletcher Administration to draft and file a “super waiver” transforming Kentucky’s Medicaid program.  The membership of the Consortium, currently at 70 organizations, is open to any group which endorses the Consortium’s principles; there are no dues for members.

The Kentucky Medicaid Consortium endorses quality, affordable, accessible health care for all Kentuckians.   

The Kentucky Medicaid Consortium set forth the following principles: 
(As approved by its member organizations on 8/2/2005)

  • All Kentuckians should have access to high-quality, affordable, effective health care.
  • Government should ensure high-quality, affordable, effective health care to those Kentuckians who, because of poverty status and/or disability, are unable to access health care.
  • There should be sufficient revenues to support the health care program. We support a system based on the most efficient use of existing resources, and generation of additional revenue designated for health care to assure a quality, affordable, accessible health care program.
  • Effective oversight and management should be continuously implemented to assure the integrity of the program, the elimination of waste, fraud and abuse and to achieve increased administrative efficiency at all levels.
  • Implementation of cost-containment and cost-sharing measures should be grounded in evidence-based practices and should not create a barrier for individuals to access necessary care.
  • There should be inclusion of prevention, early intervention, recovery orientation, health education and promotion of healthy lifestyles in the health care program.
  • Consumer involvement, representation and protections should be in place which are sufficient to ensure a health care program that is responsive and accountable to the public.
  • The health care program provided by the government should be comprehensive in benefit structure so as to meet the physical, mental and oral health needs of Kentuckians.

  • The Task Force on Medicaid Cost Containment is charged with determining the major cost drivers for the Medicaid program and developing a strategic plan to address those cost drivers and identifies cost-containment strategies that may be implemented in the Kentucky Medicaid program.

    The Task Force on Medicaid Cost Containment  met on July 19, 2010 in Frankfort and again on July 20, 2010 jointly with the Medicaid Oversight & Advisory Committee. Below are the presentations from these meetings:

    Overview of Medicaid PPT

    Optional Medicaid Services

    Medicaid Task Force PPT

    Medicaid Rebate Program PPT


    Thank you for your support and advocacy for issues affecting the Medicaid program in Kentucky!


    Adanta Group
    American Cancer Society
    American Heart Association
    American Lung Association
    The ARC of Kentucky
    Brooklawn Youth Services
    CARITAS Health Services
    Catholic Charities of Louisville
    Catholic Conference of KY
    Cedar Lake
    Children’s Alliance 
    Christian Care Communities
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital 
    Medical Center
    Coalition for the Homeless
    Council on Mental Retardation
    Easter Seals Western KY
    Epilepsy Foundation of KY 
    Four Rivers Behavioral Health
    GuardiaCare Services
    Hazard/Perry County Community Ministries
    The Healing Place
    KCHIP Coalition
    Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
    Kentuckians for Health Care Reform
    Kentuckians for Nursing Home Reform
    Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare
    KY Assistive Technology Services Network
    KY Assn of Adult Day Centers
    KY Assn of Children’s Advocacy Centers
    KY Assn of Marriage & Family Therapy
    KY Assn of Private Providers
    KY Assn of Regional MH/MR Programs
    KY Client Advocates
    KY Coalition of Nurse Practitioners & Nurse Midwives
    KY Consumer Advocate Network
    KY Council of Churches
    KY Council on Developmental Disabilities
    KY Disabilities Coalition
    KY Health Care
    KY Home Health Association
    KY Mental Health Coalition
    KY Nurses Association
    KY Partnership for families & Children, Inc.
    KY Pediatric Society / AAP – KY Chapter
    KY Physical Therapy Association 
    KY Primary Care Association 
    KY Protection & Advocacy 
    KY Psychiatric Medical Association 
    KY Psychological Association 
    KY Self-Advocates for Freedom
    KY Task Force on Hunger
    KY Youth Advocates
    Louisville Diversified Services
    Mental Health Association of KY
    Metro Louisville Office on Aging & Disabilities
    Multi-County Clients Council
    NAMI - Kentucky 
    NAMI Affiliates - Bowling Green,
         Danville, Hopkinsville, Lexington, 
         Louisville, Madisonville, Northern 
         Kentucky, Owensboro, Paducah, 
        Richmond, Somerset, Winchester
    National MS Society – KY Chapter
    Office of KY Legal Services
    Partners for a Healthy Louisville
    People Advocating Recovery
    Physicians for a National Health Program–KY
    Quest Community Services
    Recovering, Empowering & Advocating for Consumer Health in KY                           
    Region IV HB 843 Planning Council
    The Ridge Behavioral Health System 
    Rivendell of Kentucky
    Seven Counties Services 
    Sisters of Charity of Nazareth
    United 874K Coalition

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