Kentuckians for Health Care Reform

KENTUCKIANS FOR HEALTHCARE REFORM (KHCR) – This coalition was organized in 1993 in response to Governor Brereton Jones’ call for bold new initiatives to make health care affordable and accessible to all Kentuckians. KHCR wrote and adopted principles against which all proposals for reform were judged. The Coalition has been recognized by legislators, the administration, insurers, providers, and the media as being the voice of consumers of health care services in Kentucky. The membership of KHCR has included a number of health-related and disabilities-related organizations, as well as faith-based, civic and educational groups. There are no dues for membership. KHCR leadership was instrumental in the lawsuit which recovered $45M from Anthem to establish the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. Currently, KHCR is working closely with KY Voices for Health and with the Foundation to increase coverage for Kentucky’s 639,000+ uninsured.

building a healthy Kentucky together

We’re a coalition of concerned Kentuckians who believe that the best health care solutions are found when everyone works together to build them. Right now, families and businesses in every county are facing rising costs, and too many of us go without needed health care. Healthy families create healthy economies. And a healthy Kentucky economy is something we all want. So we’re working step by step to build a healthier Kentucky for our families, our children and our grandchildren.

In January 2008 a broad group of experienced advocates announced formation of KENTUCKY VOICES FOR HEALTH to work for increased health coverage for the 14% of Kentuckians (more than 630,000) without health insurance. Kentucky Voices for Health is building a statewide network of local constituent advocates who will educate fellow constituents, local leaders and legislators to enact public policies which will improve access for Kentuckians to affordable health care in 2008 and beyond.

The Kentucky Voices’ leadership team includes AARP Kentucky, Advocacy Action Network, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, American Lung Association, Catholic Conference of Kentucky, Covering Kentucky Kids and Families, Health Kentucky, Kentucky Child Now, Kentucky Council of Churches, Kentucky Equal Justice Center , Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center , and Kentucky Youth Advocates. In addition, more than 30 stakeholder groups representing education, labor, civic organizations, consumers, providers and advocates are part of Kentucky Voices for Health.

Kentucky Voices for Health is funded by a major grant from the Public Welfare Foundation to the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky. The grant supports the coalition’s work to expand health coverage in the public and private sectors, to identify revenue sources to support public health care programs, and to develop a strong grassroots advocacy network across the state to inform policy-makers on important health issues.

Our Initiatives for 2012


Assure that all Kentuckians have access to high quality, affordable health care

  • Educate and engage the public in the implementation of federal health reform to ensure that Kenntuckians realize the maximum benefits of the law
  •  Assure that current levels of Medicaid coverage and services are maintained as federal health reform is implemented

Facilitate consumer involvement in developing health insurance exchanges

Make prevention a priority for Kentucky’s health policies and programs

Promote comprehensive tobacco prevention and cessation programs and both statewide and local efforts to create smoke-free communities

Champion prevention initiatives in the Medicaid program, including early health screenings

Promote worksite and community wellness programs especially addressing obesity, physical exercise, injury prevention, stress reduction and personal health habits

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care for Kentuckians

Promote the integration of mental, dental and vision care with physical health care

Encourage the expansion of community-based mental health and substance abuse treatment programs

Reform delivery of long-term care to allow older Kentuckians and people with disabilities to live in the community of their choice.

Educate Kentuckians on the benefits and facilitate consumer input on the use of health information technology

Improve the health of Kentucky’s children

Improve outreach, enrollment and retention so that all Kentucky children have health care coverage that includes comprehensive physical, mental, dental and vision care

Encourage school districts to implement the components of Coordinated School Health

For information about Kentucky Voices for Health, please go to or contact:

Rev. Patrick Delahanty at the Catholic Conference of Kentucky: or 502-875-4345

Sheila Schuster at the Advocacy Action Network:  or 1-877-894-0222

Rich Seckel at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center: or 859-233-3057

*Please click here for an endorsement form so that your organization can sign-on in support of the Kentucky Voices for Health Initiatives for 2011.*

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The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky has launched a new website which will be a valuable resource to all health advocates. Please click the following link:

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