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MEDICAID MANAGED CARE: How has implementation affected you?

In November 2011, Kentucky Medicaid changed the way it operates its Medicaid program by contracting with three for-profit companies to manage the care and provide coverage for most Medicaid members statewide. The three new managed care organizations (MCOs) are: CoventryCares of Kentucky, Kentucky Spirit Health Plan and WellCare of Kentucky. This change did not affect members in Jefferson County and the 15 surrounding counties served by the Passport Health Plan.

If done right, managed care holds great promise in focusing on prevention and coordinating the care of Kentucky Medicaid members with the hopes of improving healthcare quality. Implementation of managed care, however, has taken place at a rapid pace and transition has yielded concerns with access, continuity of care, and provider availability and payment.

We encourage you to share your story! Personal testimonies are powerful and it is imperative that the consumer voice be heard. There are several ways you can make your voice heard:


Call Kentucky Youth Advocates' Medicaid Managed Care Story Bank Hotline. Your experiences with managed care will help us understand what we can do to help to improve this system. Please dial 1-888-825-5592 and press 1 when the welcome voicemail begins.

WEB FORM: -- Submit your information via the implementation report form by email ( or by fax (502) 690-3555 or share your story via the web form.

VIDEO TESTIMONY: -- Whether you are a patient, advocate or provider, your personal story should be heard. The videos aim to highlight challenges with Medicaid managed care, concerns with general patient access to care, and touch upon the core issues that our healthcare system is facing every day. To share your video, please record testimonial on your smartphone, computer or camera. Then you can submit testimonials to the following email:

Recording Tips:

  • Please state your name, spell your name and, if you are involved in an organization, please state the name of the organization.
  • These videos will be edited, so if you need to pause and collect your thoughts, do so and then start again with the beginning of the sentence.
  • While it is important to discuss the various issues, make sure to include your personal story or the personal story of a patient/client you have worked with.
  • Please keep your videos around a minute or so. This will help with the editing process.


If you are a Medicaid member seeking assistance with appealing claims denials or seeking remedy, you can contact your local legal aid organization for assistance. Visit to find the office nearest you. Kentucky Equal Justice Center's Health Law Project also may be a resource to you. Contact Anne Hadreas by phone at (859) 233-0323 or by email at .

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