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KY MENTAL HEALTH COALITION (KMHC) – This coalition was established in 1982 by nine mental health organizations to support collaboration and to speak with one advocacy voice for the prevention and treatment of mental illness and the promotion of mental health.  In 2003, the KMHC membership approved a reframed and broadened mission:  To bring together the collective voices of consumers, family members, advocates and providers to educate the public, to engage policy makers and to increase the resources necessary to address the Commonwealth’s human service needs while improving the mental health and well-being of all Kentuckians.  Voting membership in KMHC is limited to organizations, 80 of which are current members; individuals may also join.  The member organizations pay annual dues which vary as to whether they are statewide or local and whether they are advocacy organizations, service delivery agencies or professional associations. 


KENTUCKY MEDICAID CONSORTIUM – This group was initially begun in 2000 to respond to federal threats to significantly cut funding from the federal level to state Medicaid programs.  As initially organized, the Consortium worked on both federal and state funding issues, as well as focusing on the need for improved access to quality services.  Out of the Consortium meetings grew a coalition with particular emphasis on assuring Kentucky’s children access to healthcare services through KCHIP, and a coalition with particular focus on long-term care issues.  After a period of relative inactivity, the Consortium was reorganized and renewed in 2005, in response to the initiative of the Fletcher Administration to draft and file a “super waiver” transforming Kentucky’s Medicaid program.  The membership of the Consortium, currently at 70 organizations, is open to any group  which endorses the Consortium’s principles; there are no dues for members.


THE UNITED 874K DISABILITIES COALITION (874K) – Established in 2001, this coalition seeks to bring together and strengthen the voices of the growing number of  Kentuckians (874,000-plus) who are identified as having a disability which interferes with activities of daily living.  The 874K Disabilities Coalitions is comprised of organizations representing individuals with disabilities, their family members, advocates, providers and concerned citizens.  The advocacy events sponsored by 874K are held in Frankfort during the legislative session with the goal of giving individuals affected by disabilities the opportunity to meet the Governor and key Cabinet officials, their state legislators and staff, and the media.  Typical attendance is between 700 and 1,000 individuals from all parts of Kentucky.  Sponsorship opportunities for these advocacy events are offered to organizations wishing to contribute to support 874K’s mission and vision for full inclusion of all individuals with disabilities. 


KENTUCKIANS FOR HEALTHCARE REFORM (KHCR) – This coalition was organized in 1993 in response to Governor Brereton Jones’ call for bold new initiatives to make health care affordable and accessible to all Kentuckians.  KHCR wrote and adopted principles against which all proposals for reform were judged.  The Coalition has been recognized by legislators, the administration, insurers, providers, and the media as being the voice of consumers of health care services in Kentucky.  The membership of KHCR has included a number of health-related and disabilities-related organizations, as well as faith-based, civic and educational groups.  There are no dues for membership.  KHCR leadership was instrumental in the lawsuit which recovered $45M from Anthem to establish the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky.  Currently, KHCR is working closely with KY Voices for Health and with the Foundation to increase coverage for Kentucky’s 639,000+ uninsured.




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